21 February:

Reading Victor TFM , studying about sincronizing on the domain of time Watching videos in youtube about linear, quadratic and cubic interpolation

8 to 13 February:

New method to calculate scale with 2 clouds of 3d points

using a pseudo Ransac method

31 January to 8 February:

Calculating scale for 2 clouds of 3d points with 2 other methods:

 1- SVD, dividing singular values , so scale will be (s1/s1', s2/s2',s3/s3') where (s1,s2,s3) are the singular values calculated with SVD for a cloud of 3d points
 2- Eigen Values of Covariance matrix, where scale will be   (sqrt(e1/e1'), sqrt(e2/e2'),sqrt(e3,e3')), and (e1,e2,e3) are the eigen values for a cloud of 3d points

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