24th to 30th of May:

Writing part of the paper fo the TFM.

Starting to test the differents modules of SlamTestBed.

Correcting some bugs .

Repeating the tests.

16th to 23th of May:

Added new methods to the Sequence Transformer Module. Now it is possible to indicate the time initial offset and also frequency time steps. Added earlier first incomplete version of SLAMTestBed. Testing PcaModule and FindScale module together.

7th to 15th of May:

Trying to calculate PCA using SVD. Finding out why the result is different than calculating PCA using covariance matriz.

Designing Index for the memory of the project

1st to 6th of May:

Programmed a new Interpolation module. This module interpolate a set of data to a given frequency.

Dealing with the issue of comparing float numbers. Using integers numbers instead when comparing.