Getting started

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Getting started

The first step to enter in the fascinating world of the Artificial Intelligence is to learn about it… boring, right? Not really. Keeping in mind that the last thing I’ve seen about AI was like 8 years ago, I can say that I am a total noob on this matter. Nonetheless, my tutor (Jose María) gave me an interesting starting point: other folks thesis.

I’ve started reading an interesting article about the basics of Deep Learning, followed by Nuria Oyaga’s job: “Análisis de aprendizaje profundo con la plataforma Caffe” and David Pascual’s: “Study of Deep Learning Neural Networks with Keras “. These two readings gave me a global vision of the state of the art in regards to Deep Learning so I have now an starting point to head my Master’s thesis. With those two readings complete (I sure will return to them in the near future), Jose Maria emailed me two new links about self driving cars: Udacity open sources its driving car simulator and Toyota Research Institute self driving car simulator - Carla which grabbed all my attention and interest, I think I will point my thesis in this new technology, it looks really, really cool.

Those last articles, made me to want more, so I myself started to dive the internet looking for some other videos, documentation, webs, etc. about self driving cars and I ended up looking at the following content:

Siraj Raval is an emminence in terms of Machine learning, so it’s always a good idea to see him working, or explaining something.

[ Sentdex neural network in GTA V] - Sentdex is also a good reference when it comes to learn python programming, so this series of live streams are very interesting to watch. [ - Muddassir Ahmed udacity project] I found an interesting repository about udacity self-driving simulator of a guy that trained the car with awesome results.

This is all the documentation I’ve read/saw in term of autonomous driving, but it’s not the only open front in machine learning… at all. I’m also interested in IoT (Internet of Things) because domotics always captured my attention (what a lazy guy I am), so I really don’t know what to choose… yet!