Week 1. Playing with web version of JdeRobot

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Hello all!

On this week I have been using the web version of the Follow Line exercise, it has been fun, I have addapted to the new platform the code that I implemented last year on Robotics course. Here is a visual example of my version:

Visual example

In addition, I’ve also researched about Django framework for python, I have been following the 3 first tutorials from the official documentation. I’ve learnt the following:

  • Request and Responses
  • Models and the admin site
  • Views and templates

So summing up, what I’ve done during this week is the following:

  • I have been been using JdeRobot framework as an user, and it works really good.
  • Addapted my Follow Line code to this version, and tested the dockericed exercise, it works great!
  • Researched about Django framework