Week 25 - First metrics obtained

After introducing ROS I started working on getting the first results using datasets with the application. To do this some hotfixes were done including the log of the first and last frame of a processed video (which were failing before) and the rescale of the detections for the log according... [Read More]

Week 24 - Introducing ROS

The main task this week was the introduction of ROS as an image source in the application. Now, we can read from video and local camera using OpenCV and from local stream using ROS usb_cam driver. [Read More]

Week 23 - Fixing bugs, datasets parsing

This week some necessary bugs were fixed. First, the log from the Tensorflow networks are now done fine. In the previous versions only the logging from Keras networks were working. Also, the first and last frames from a local video source are now processed and logged. An initial version of... [Read More]