Weekly Update 2020 02 17

less than 1 minute read

1. Fixing IP Image

With the change to python 3.X I lose the compatibility with the module i was using to access latitude and longitude, I parched it making HTTP requests to IPInfo.com but it was really slow, fixed it this week with a new package (geolite2 for python3) easier to use and way faster to retrieve data.

2. Recover LOGS Script

With the DDBB change to the ELK Stack we had to migrate our data, by doing this i avoid to lose too many valuable data. But with the recent ejercise ID changes had to fix the ones I had, this also has been fixed, and will be in the production DDBB soon.

3. Improving local installation recipe

I’ve added a few lines with a problem I’ve encountered on the various installations of Kibotics I’ve done.

4. New view and new Data stored.

Now Kibotics It’s saving the visit of annonimous users to the page, with this data I’ve made a new view with a world map and statistics of weekly and hourly visits