Week 22. Change to Gym-Gazebo

1 minute read

To Do

  • Simple client on Gym-Pyxis.
  • Fix GPU in dedicated server.


1. Simple client on Gym-Pyxis

I have had many problems replicating examples using the Gym-pyxies library and problems with ROS.

This week has been a key point in the end of master work since we have reached a point of no return with the given library we can’t find the sense to use simultaneously the 2D simulator (Player/Stage) and the 3D simulator (Gazebo). This is why we are going to use the second option, only Gazebo. Besides, the use of Gazebo makes the Gym-Pyxies library not make sense at all so we will use the original library: gym-gazebo.

As a point of this week we will try to recreate the same case as the previous week but instead of using Gym-Pyxies, we will use Gym-Gazebo.

We will see if we can get a client to connect to Gazebo by solving all the previous problems.

Stay tuned!

2. Fix GPU in dedicated server

The server is currently under maintenance with updated libraries and drivers.


Creating the client using Gym-Gazebo as an intermediary against Gazebo.


Having reached a point of no return, it is worth rethinking the path and taking an alternative one in time to progress more safely. We will try to make this the good one :-)