Weeks 44-47. Summer advance. Training using qlearn with the camera

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To Do

  • Working with the rewards.
  • Study of behavior through training failure.
  • Next steps

Working with the rewards

The first step I analyze to try to adapt the behavior of the car using the laser to the behavior of the camera was an adjustment in the calculation of the error between the center and the deviation through 5 points located on the vertical axis. At the same time, the rewards were adapted to obtain the limits.

This solution was very chaotic and did not manage to pass the first curve with a totally random behaviour.

Trying different configurations, a surprise occurred, in a state not contemplated in the rewards repertoire the car completed the lap of the circuit! but without going over the line…but to one side of it.

This is the result of “strange” behavior.

I was now beginning a study of that behaviour.

Study of behavior through training failure

Once I got to that strange behavior I looked up why he responded that way.

After several tests I found several clues:

  • The five points were not necessary. The values are simplified to 2 (initially).
  • The lowest point moves very fast and makes the behavior aggressive. This point is removed and the upper one is centered. We have therefore only one point in approximately half of the section with the line.
  • The time.sleep makes the behaviour even stranger. This is because, during that time, the car cannot take any action and reaches its limit of deviation very quickly. It is removed from the program.
  • The reward values are adjusted.

Next steps

Test test test. I will perform several trainings with different sets of actions (simple, medium and advanced) that increase the complexity. I will save the resulting models and see the results.


How through strange behavior and error… interesting conclusions can be drawn to follow.