Week 30

1 minute read


In relation to the drone Tello:

  1. Integration for windows:
    • I have continued to research the integration with wine, but it continues with the problem that the library doesn’t matter.
    • I found the tello related repository for python => dji-sdk/Tello-Python. One of the necessary files (libh264decoder.so), it is different for each operating system and it is necessary to generate for each one of them.
    • I think the importing library error is related to this.
  2. Integration for MacOs:
    • I downloaded the repository of the kibotics-driver / tello to adapt it to the mac and see if I could make it work from mac.
    • Generate the libh264decoder.so, corresponding for mac, since with the one that was in the repo, it gave me an error that it could not import the libh264decoder library and when generating it for mac this is global. So I think the problem in windows is related to this file.
    • I made a simple program using the kibotics library, and managed to connect to the drone but did not execute the instructions. I have to review this part more.

In relation to the dirver for pibot:
- I have tried to understand the development of kibotics-driver/pibot, looking on the flask/ part.
- Add the necessary settings to the raspberry pi. In this part I have encountered some problems.
- I have accessed from my computer the web raised on the server of the raspberry pi.