Week 37

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Development for GopiGo3:

  • For Raspberry Pi:
    • A flask server has been built, which is responsible for receiving the user’s program and creating a process by executing it.
    • An executable has been developed to facilitate the installation process and necessary requirements.
  • For MacOS, Linux and Windows:
    • No installation or download is required
    • To send the program:
      • Once the program is done from kibotics, by pressing the “Send” button. Send the program to GopiGo.
  • What does development consist of?
    • Kibotics-Webserver serves the client the page to carry out the exercise.
    • Once the exercise is done from the browser, the exercise is sent to the server built in the raspberrypi.
  • Video with program example => Square with GopiGo3

  • The integration process has been tested in:
    • MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.6
    • Windows 10
    • windows 7
    • Ubuntu 18.04