Week 17

1 minute read


  1. I have continued with the integration of webserial in kibotcis-webserver, for this I have made two modifications:
    • On the browser side, I have added a request to the server to return the .hex, and once received call the function that implements all the development of webserial.
    • On the server side, I have added a view, which is called by the browser, passing the code of the program. In it using PyOnArduino and later avrdude, it is possible to obtain the .hex, which is returned.
    • Through this development the part of the pyinstaller is replaced. And it is allowed to load the program to the mbot directly, without the need for an additional download.
    • An example of a first integration approach is shown below => Upload to Mbot
  2. I have tried to test the development, from other operating systems. For this I have raised the server on my linux machine => python manage.py runserver In order to access from other machines, I have looked for the ip address of my linux machine with ifconfig.
    • On a machine with S.0 MacOs (10.15.4), in chrome I have accessed the page with the :. I have run the program, but when loading it to the mbot, it gives me a failure that it cannot open the port.


    • The same thing happens in another machine with S.0 Windows 10, giving the same error.