Week 19

1 minute read


  1. First of all, I was able to test the operation of the integration of webserial in kibotics-webserber from the MacOs (version 10.15.4) and Windows10 machines.
    • In order to test it, I needed to raise the server by https.I found a package for quite useful for django that allows to indicate that the application is lifted by https, to use this package:
      1. Installation => pip install django-sslserver
      2. Add the application to your INSTALLED_APPS
      3. To raise the server => python manage.py runsslserver{puerto}
      4. To access => https://localhost:{puerto} or from another machine => https://{ip_public_machine_server}:{puerto}
  2. Web server integration analysis:
    • For both systems indicated in the previous section, the program can be downloaded to the mbot. Below you can see the proof:
    • But there is a bug, since sometimes the program loads perfectly by pressing the “Run Mbot”, but other times it fails when it tries to open the seral port for permissions.
      Log Bug
      • If after pressing the execute button once, and after waiting some seconds, the window to select the port does not appear. A possible solution to this problem would be to do the following:
        • Press the run button once and then press again after a few seconds. This way is not efficient, but this version is in alpha, I am working to implement improvements.
        • Integration error video