Week 31-34. New trainings

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To Do

  • Change pose every epoch.
  • New action set.
  • New training with the new configuration.


Solving intermediate problems

Over the past few weeks I have had some problems getting the environment to achieve productive training for various reasons:

  • When it’s been over 20,000 times, the only thing it’s learned is to step out of line and always to the right. This change occurred when it went from 5 actions to 21.
  • To try to solve it we proposed to position the car in different points of the circuit and that it had different contexts in each epoch but I am still working on it since there are conflicts between Gazebo’s topics and the reset and proxy of the Python library.
  • I’m back to basic examples: 5 actions with a constant linear speed to try to make the robot do the curve well. The following table shows a summary of the space for observations and actions in this iteration:
Num Observation Min Max
0 Vel. Lineal (m/s) 1 10
1 Vel. Angular (rad/s) -2 2
2 Error 1 -300 300
3 Error 2 -280 280
4 Error 3 -250 250

The action spaces is:

Num Action
0 -2
1 -1
2 0
3 1
4 2
  • At the same time, I’m fixing a lot of bugs I had pending (every time I restart the environment they count 3 times until a correct one starts) and refactoring the code a lot.


Keep correcting mistakes like: until I load the rviz you don’t make correct steps…a very rare mistake I’m working on right now. Once it’s fixed I’ll try to launch a training.


This new step where we already want to try to get the robot to turn a little more complete but each iteration improves different things.