Week 12

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  1. This week he continued trying to load the binary to the bale using WebSerialApi:

    1.1. Firstly investigate the stk500 protocol used by the arduino fireware bootlader. This protocol consists of a series of messages to get the load.

    1.2. I have also visualized the avrdude code (since it is free software) of how it implements this protocol. It is implemented in C.

    1.3. Once I understand this mechanism better, find out if there is a library that already implements this protocol translated into javaScript and I found a quite interesting one called avrgirl-arduino. Through this library and thanks to an example of how to load it through WebSerial, I managed to upload the binary to the board. Below I show two videos with the examples I have made.
    1.3.1. Example 1: Upload to the arduino board example of turning the led on and off => Blink.hex => Video with example 1.
    1.3.2. Example 2: Upload a program to Mbot, using a .hex generated by the kibotics server => Video with example2.
    * They gave me a .hex generated by the server of the following program for the Mbot, which consists of showing hi! by the led matrix of the Mbot.

         import HALduino.halduino as halduino
          def loop():