Week 11

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  1. I have continued to use kibotics for real robot implementationn with Scratch.



  2. The attempt to continue moving forward with WebSerialApi

    2.1. In the first place, try to put into operation the example of the PEPE repository. To do this, create a node server with the Express library that serves the html resource. But it kept giving me problems. To continue moving forward with this part I have written to Kaelhm to better understand how it is mounted.

     const express = require('express');
     const app = express();
     app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/public/'));
     app.listen('3000', function() {
       console.log('Servidor web escuchando en el puerto 3000');


    2.2. I have continued testing my development implemented with the KaelHem library, but when loading the program it gives me a timeout and fails. Error

    2.3. I have investigated the STK500 protocol, which is used to load the program. I have found a repository in GitHub that implements this protocol translated into javaScript, but currently it is only allowed for the Arduino Mega board.

    References =>

    *Bootlader Arduino