Week 25

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In relation to the mbot:

  1. I have recorded two videos of how to load the program to the real mbot for python and scratch for the channel kibotics.
  2. I have uploaded the patch to the repository kibotics-exercices updating the information page for the real python and scratch mbot exercise.

In relation to the tello drone:

  1. I have continued investigating how to make the tello drone work on MacOs and Linux. The server-side pyinstaller is used to generate the executable, which is the one that is downloaded to the client. The problem is that pyinstaller does not allow cross compilation, that is, in order for it to be used in an S.O, pyinstaller has to be run on that S.O. Kibotics-webserver runs on a linux machine, so the executable obtained will only be compatible for linux.

  2. I have seen that it is not working well for linux, there are commands that give an error when sending to tello.